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Before roofing work in Connecticut
During roofing work in Connecticut
Applying roofing materials for a job in Connecticut
After doing roofing work for a job in Connecticut

Roof Ready Home Improvements LLC from beginning to end we handle all your roofing needs with our experience, professionalism and great customer service to make sure that this process is a great experience for you and you family.

We have a very hands-on approach. Cris will be there every step of the way making sure that every aspect of the installing you roof will be carried out in a professional and thoughtful manner. Let our experience team bring your house up to code and sealed correctly and securely!

Roof Ready is installing and repairing roofs all around Connecticut here are some of the before and after photos of the work we have performed.

 Before - Above shows a roof shingle color simulation. They decided to go with a darker shaded shingle (reddish- brown)

After - Roof Ready always going the extra mile. In New Haven Ct we went ahead and painted rusted parts of the facia and  lightning catcher on top of the roof at no extra cost. 

 Before - Drone aerial view of this replacement in Waterbury Connecticut. We remove the chimney from this home and sealed it up nice and tight!

After - As you can see; we monitor the work as it moves along and we added full ice and water membrane on the lower slope part of the roof! 

Before - Initially we were just going to repair the roof, but when we uncover the wall it also had to be replaced. 

The owners were trusting us to take care of their property.

After - We take pride in customer trust and make sure that the job is done correctly the first time!

 Before - This was a tough job no one is willing to take on. Here at Roof Ready Home Improvements LLC no job is too big or too small.

 After - The homeowners were extremely proud of the job. Now they can live in a secure home.

Hartford Connecticut

 Before and After pictures. Repairs, Tarps and Gutter installation available!

Here's what we've been working on

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