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Roof Ready home improvements

Roof Replacements

Roof Ready Home Improvements will inform you on all the different aspects that go into putting together a new roof on your home. We know it can be a little overwhelming but, we'll come out and fully inform you; so you feel comfortable in taking on this important home improvement of a roof replacement with knowledge and confidence. 

We'll fully inform you of every step of the process that goes into your roofing needs. 

All the materials will be explained to you including: CDX Plywood, Ice and water membranes, F-8 aluminum drip edge, shingle starter strip, asphalt architectural shingles, ridge vents, hips and ridge shingles, pipe boots and lead step flashing on the chimneys-etc.

 You see it's not only what you see on top of your roof; there's different materials to help protect your home before you even get to the shingles.  There's a lot that goes into your new roof and getting professional help, quality materials, and great customer service is only one call away.


Call us today serving: Hartford County-New Haven-County-Litchfield County-New London County!

Roof Ready Soft Wash
Repair roofing work with ice and water shield aluminum step flashing and architectural shingle

Roof Repairs

Roof Ready Home Improvements has so much experience when it comes to repair work we can basically look through the walls and understand why water is coming into your home. Water always finds a way; and even if your roof was recently installed-if it was installed and improperly water will find its way in and you will have water damaging problems. Get to these problems before they become bigger problems-call Roof Ready Home Improvements LLC at 203-706-9221 

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